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  Since 1996 eApps Hosting has achieved significant success by delivering a reliable and high performance 'true cloud' hosting environment for thousands of value conscious customers throughout the world. eApps Hosting now offers Xen 64 bit Virtual Machines starting at less than $12 per month. Using our innovative Create-a-Cloud TM tool customers can rapidly configure and deploy customized Virtual Machines. Customers pay for only the resources they need, and can easily and immediately change resource allocations for the Virtual Machine at any time. A full library of application services is available, including the latest versions of PHP, Ruby on Rails, Tomcat, GlassFish, Liferay Portal, Drupal, JBoss, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, media servers and more. All services include 24x7 Expert Technical Support by phone, email, and chat at no extra charge. For customers with complex needs, eApps Hosting provides custom solutions consisting of dedicated servers, network devices, software appliances, private clouds and the eApps public cloud, all in a high availability configuration.

Contact Information:
Address: Norcross Georgia 30092 United States
Phone: 770-448-2100
Fax: 770-416-1570

Last Update: 11/25/2011
Cloud Hosting Service
Prices from $11.26 to $131.96


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Tyler Johnson
  (November 18, 2013)
If I had to sum up eApps in one word, that word would be: horrible. Let's start with server uptime. When is the server down? Better question, when is the server up!? My server/sites are going down literally 20 times a day! I, of course, contact their customer service, which takes several days to respond, and am told that IT'S MY FAULT. I'm told that I don't have enough CPUs and memory to support my site! Ummm...I transferred from DreamHost and used the exact same settings. Never had any issues over there. So, I do the smart thing and ask them, "What service upgrades do you recommend so that my site stays up?" I take their exact specifications, update my services and guess what!? NOTHING CHANGES. The site is still constantly down 20 times a day. So, I contact them again. Once again, wait for it, IT'S MY FAULT. I ask how it's my fault and they literally respond, "You need to upgrade your services." I respond and tell them

  (December 10, 2004)
I have been with eApps for a few years and so far they are the worst hosting service by a mile, I call them hostess from hell, if you want to experience constant offline and inconsistent services and charging you for any extra support then choose eApps.

  (December 01, 2004)
Been using Eapps for 24 months now. Great reliability. Tech support is great - usually have an email resolution within a few hours. I'm a very technical user and appreciate the VPS and all of the customizations I can make. Their document center is huge.

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