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Cloud Service Provider ElasticHosts Enable Partners to Sell PAYG Cloud Solutions

July 12, 2012
by Jonathan Watkins

ElasticHosts has launched a white-label cloud program which will enable partners to sell PAYG solutions under their own brand.

Under the program, hosting resellers, system integrators, VARs and MSPs can rebrand the ElasticHosts cloud portfolio and offer the service to customers within one day.

With cloud revenue potentially reaching an estimated $148 billion by 2014, ElasticHosts claims it is allowing organizations to "benefit from the cloud boom."

Richard Davies, CEO at ElasticHosts commented on the growing need to utilize the cloud, "More and more businesses are looking to take advantage of cloud and the cost and overall efficiency it provides," he said.

"As a result, service providers need to be able to offer cloud servers or they risk missing out on a vital revenue opportunity and losing existing customers to the big name clouds."

Upon launching their own brand, partners will also receive 30% of monthly infrastructure-as-a-service fees. They will also be allowed to provide a range of value added services to their customers.

Partners will be able to offer their customers full self-service to the ElasticHosts control panel, enabling them to manage their own cloud servers. Subsequently they can benefit from flexibility and savings, along with scaling their CPU and RAM when they deem it necessary.

"We wanted to take that pressure away by giving resellers a ready-to-sell cloud offering and allowing them to launch it quickly and easily, immediately making them a player in a booming market," said Davies.

The cloud service provider, which operates five data centres across the UK, Canada and the USA, is giving reselleers ful control over the cloud environment in order for them to provide management and customer support services.

ElasticHosts’ CEO concluded; "Cloud is only going to grow in popularity because no business would decline the opportunity to reduce IT costs and improve efficiency."

"ElasticHosts is an award-winning, innovative provider, and our white-label program enables our resellers to launch genuine cloud services, ensuring that the reseller and its customers reap the rewards on offer."

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