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  ( April 18, 2005 )
2008 was an awful year for Parcom. Their prices almos doubled and their disk space, bandwidth, FTP and email have all been SLASHED! This is the END of Parcom's cheap prices and great product.


  ( April 04, 2005 )
I went through 3 hosts before finding Parcom, since then I am the happiest customer on earth. Thank you Parcom for the great service


  ( March 30, 2005 )
There's only one thing to say about this company: THE BEST ! Had some problems, but like many of us, I blame before talking with them and analyze their answers. My mistake !! I will remain with them and I recommend them to you all !!


  ( March 30, 2005 )
A great host - reliable - honest and very caring. We have been with Parcom for a couple of years and the team have always been on the ball. We are still customers and now re-sell the services in the UK and Europe. we always promote Parcom as THE BEST. Jim


  ( March 13, 2005 )
Parcom is the best hosting company have ever dealt with. I love the support and the price. Thank you Parcom !!!!


  ( March 13, 2005 )
I have two sites with Parcom, over two years now with '0' problems.


  ( March 12, 2005 )
I am hosted with this company since March 2006. Everything is good but there is one thing they can not give support for that. I deleted a database and try to create a new one but I could not. Their tecnical support also can not help me.


  ( March 10, 2005 )
There where problems from day one. I will never use this company again.


  ( March 10, 2005 )
Great hosting overall. Best prices in the net. I didn't see any company with better packages and less prices. Good technical support. I had a problem that took 5-7 days to resolve but I was treated nicely while I was waiting for a fix.


  ( March 01, 2005 )
Easy to use and set up. I've had no problems whatsoever.


  ( February 13, 2005 )
Great value for money, no hidden charges or contracts to tie you down and you get the free upgrades every now and then like diskspace and bandwidth


  ( February 03, 2005 )
I like Parcom very much. I would like to change a few things such as support for Secure Certificates on the lower priced plans. I've seen other companies support Secure Certificates at plans as low as 3.99. I would also like to see free 24/7 telephone


  ( January 31, 2005 )
I found this company about 2 years ago out of the BBB database. I felt that it was the best way to get an honest and fare priced web hosting. I don't ever regret it. I now have 3 accounts with them and I refer friends to them. AAA++++ service company.


  ( January 17, 2005 )
I've never had a single problem with Parcom. My web sites are always accessable, and respond quickly. I've used other hosts, but have not found any better than!


  ( January 15, 2005 )
I've been a customer of Parcom for so many years I don't know when I started. I've always gotten excellent service and support. I have even been 'taken in hand' when what I need to do doesn't make sense to me. Thanks for all that you do to make being a cu


  ( January 14, 2005 )
I have used Parcom for the past 4 years and have never had a problem with them. They offer a good price, excellent customer service, and a friendly dialog. It is the only hosting company I recommend to people.


  ( January 13, 2005 )
Great value for the Money


  ( January 12, 2005 )
Parcom is the kind of business that has knowledgable, friendly people to talk to who care about making the business a success for everyone involved, including their customers. I've done business with them for at least 4 years. Highly recommended.


  ( December 22, 2004 )
Every now and then, I'll notice my website and email down for a few minutes. The $3.75 plan is an awesome deal, but you can't edit DNS (add significant $ to monthly bill for that feature). Limited technical service hours, and newbie-level knowledge base.


  ( December 13, 2004 )
BEST ever!, I'm customer since 2001, 3 currently running domains (original Basic Plan, 750 Plan and currentl 3.99 Plan), and I love em, even before the control panel it was good. Fast, easy, no trouble, and human attention on customer support. I'm stayi


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