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  ( November 26, 2012 )
Rackforce: 20 hours of downtime in one month on Cloud They are a joke, we can't get out fast enough.


  ( March 18, 2006 )
If your company relies on a SANS server do NOT use RackForce. Expect to be down once a month. I am extremely disappointed with Rackforce.


  ( March 18, 2006 )
Absolutely horrible service. Network is extremely unreliable. I wasn't even using the vps that much and it kept running out of memory and locking up. They want you to 'upgrade' but if you go with this host it's a 'downgrade' for sure!


  ( March 15, 2006 )
RACKORCE IS COMPLETE GARBAGE. NO SUPPORT. NETWORK GOES DOWN EVERY 2 DAYS. MY server has been down more than it has been up since I moved to Rackforce


  ( March 12, 2006 )
Aweful. If you want to save money and not get any business this is the best place. The servers are bad, service is worse!


  ( March 10, 2006 )
I've had servers all over the place, but rackforce is the best. Powerful servers and a good network. The support guys are helpful and know a lot. Really good experience


  ( February 12, 2006 )
I've had a server at RackForce for over 5 years now, growing from a shared server to a fully dedicated server. They are the best in the business. Tech support answers tickets promptly and knowledgeably. I wouldn't go anywhere else


  ( February 09, 2006 )
Best hosting company I've had in ten years, fastest tech support dept Ive ever seen.


  ( February 07, 2006 )
I have used RackForce's linux VPS for 2.5 years. I can say honestly that I am a very satisfied customer. My clients appreciate the quick response I am able to give them when I need assistance from RackForce's support staff.


  ( February 04, 2006 )
Best hosting company ever!!! Now my porn site never goes offline :)


  ( January 24, 2006 )
I have my small, but profitable, shared hosting and design business on RackForce Networks VPS since the end of April, 2003. I continue to be impressed by the uptime, over 99.99%, support response & quality of service I receive from RackForce staff.


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