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  ( November 18, 2016 )
Network and server uptime - PERFECTION
All I can say about hosting is that it is quite reliable one. It is great and good web hosting provider. Thank to this web site I was able to created so nice web pages. It's very easy to use it and add pages, photos, articles... The servers are fast. I was put on a shared server with lots of load. I ask them if they would move my account to another server and they did it. You wan to see how fast their servers are? Just sign up and see how fast you get FTP and admin credentials sent to you. It's almost instantly.


  ( October 28, 2016 )
I am happy using hosting services
As a first time user of a VPS, I would have to give lots of thanks and support to the rareservers team. They provided me with very helpful solutions and answers to all of my questions for a first time user. Now I have so much more control of my web server and confidence being supported by this reliable company. Additionally, I did not purchase the cPanel. With my general knowledge of Linux and help from the support team, I was able to install only what I wanted to meet my PCI compliance. Overall, I would recommend service!


  ( October 14, 2016 )
Rareservers uptime is perfect — 99.9%
What I need to say about the quality of Rareservers ssd VPS hosting service is that they have very professional team that are 24/7 ready to solve all the troubles I experienced. Features like free domain, templates and website builder are very sweet. Pricing is normal, even cheaper than I had with my previous web host. Network and server uptime - PERFECTION Customer Support - EXCELLENT


  ( September 27, 2016 )
Perfect UK SSD VPS hosting provider
Perfect hosting provider along with ssd storage - it is really faster than regular hosting. I started with UK ssd vps hosting package and I am now on a dedicated server I have been on every plan that is offered by this professional ssd web host and I upgraded when I was ready to. I currently have 15 sites all hosted at Rareservers. Time is money and even 99.99% may not be good enough. I am so happy to deal with them!


  ( June 28, 2016 )
It is one of the best option for getting VPS in France
I use Rareservers VPS in France to host a personal website and also some wordpress blogs. I looked at reviews for a lot of sites. As you will find, it is hard to know what are legitimate reviews, bogus reviews or someone with a grudge. I didn't really want to pay a lot of money for a site, just something to post a few pages. I clicked on LIVE SUPPORT and was immediately in touch with. They offered me a good vps hosting fit for my needs. They were also helpful with setup. All in all, I am 100% satisfied and really enjoy my hosting experience dealing with them.


  ( June 08, 2016 )
I like rareservers, their servers in Fr are stable
I must say that I am happy using hosting services. All of their work is really professional. Their French servers are really stable - I like it, they are much better than I had with my previous host 1 year ago. I host 3 wordpress, 2 forum phpBB discussion boards and 1 e-commerce project. Everything works great with them and I would highly recommend their VPS in France to other webmasters. Thanks a lot Rareservers team, Regards.


  ( May 06, 2016 )
I have VPS in FR with Rareservers
Hey guys, I was looking for professional web host with stable servers in FR where I could order VPS hosting solution for my forum discussion board. I needed 20 gbs of disk space and not so much bandwidth (at least 400 gbs), so I compared many hosting providers which have servers located in France. Well, Rareservers VPS plans impressed me with the price, features and also free bonuses included. I contact their sales and order VPS solution I needed for my forum. I have been using them for about half of this year and can say good thins about their network uptime, speed and support. Pricing is also quite good for my budget. All I can say in conclusion that I am happy using their hosting services. My forum is running and this is great.


  ( April 05, 2016 )
Their servers are super fast, backups are also cool!
It turns out that I've been using Rareservers web hosting service (French server location) for more than 7 months. I can say that this web host knows what to do in order to keep everything working and clients satisfied. They provide high performance for all my business online. I get to experience blazing speed, smart routing capability! Vitally important fact that I should mention is that they provide solutions for secure data backup, online archiving and recovery. So, there is no need to worry about your data loss.


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