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The Perks of Having Cloud Servers Run Your Website

October 12, 2012
by Priya

Cloud Servers are virtual servers that run on a cloud computing environment. Most people consider such servers as similar to a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS).

Servers that are run on a cloud computing environment can be called a virtual dedicated server but they have a few noticeable differences. One is the fact that virtual dedicated servers are placed on only a single hardware server, which means that when one of its hardware fails, the entire server fails.

Cloud hosting, on the other hand, is highly recommended in place of the virtual dedicated server because it relies heavily on software-independent units.

An advantage of hosting your website on a cloud environment is, having the freedom to modify the server software according to your needs and requirements.

You can modify the operating system kernel, which you cannot actually do in other virtual servers. A cloud computing environment also assures you of a stable, secure, and highly reliable server. You won’t need to worry about other servers’ security issues since they cannot affect you at all, and it works vice versa, too.

If other servers become overloaded, they won’t have even the slightest bit of effect to your server since your resources are dedicated and guaranteed to be stable.

Aside from these advantages, having your website hosted by a cloud hosting service will assure you that it will run faster compared to hosting it through a traditional server.

Such traditional servers have similar price ranges with servers run on a cloud hosting environment, but the latter is more efficient and faster, and will provide greater results.

Aside from its affordability, servers running on a cloud hosting environment can be upgraded to higher specifications of CPU, disk space, and memory. We have many cost-effective cloud servers that you may want to check out to ensure a long-lasting and great performance for your business.

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