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  ( May 29, 2024 )
servers are fast
Uptime is Perfect. Support is helpful, servers are fast and stable. To anyone considering using Hostingsource as a host, the host receives my full recommendation and appreciation for getting quality ssd web hosting services... I like this host.


  ( May 21, 2024 )
Reliable ssd host.
As for network uptime and speed connectivity, they are perfect. Hostingsource is reliable ssd host. Setting up with them was a snap. I had my full site online and at 100% steam within 2 hours. Tech support is friendly, helpful, and accurate.


  ( May 13, 2024 )
Excellent support.
Excellent support, free domain for life, and reasonable pricing... what else can a customer ask for? I've stayed with Hostingsource for 10 months and look forward to more years with them. Recommend this host.


  ( May 08, 2024 )
Hostingsource team solves all my problems
This hosting service is the best I have tried in at least 8 years. The customer tech help (real time, chat and ticket) is cool. Hostingsource team solves all my problems, my dumb questions and my sometimes stupid requests. I am truly impressed with them.


  ( October 30, 2023 )
IT guys have been very patient.
I'm happy with Hostingsource shared SSD hosting service. They do offer a very good price and on the half dozen or so times that I have needed to speak to them, including in the middle of the night, there has always been a technically competent support person available immediately. We had problems with domain transfer, but The IT guys have been very patient with us.


  ( October 13, 2023 )
Helpful Techs.
Highly recommend them! Had to rely on HostingSource tech support to set up certain settings, but they were very willing to do so, and they do it promptly upon request.


  ( October 03, 2023 )
Stable hosting.
I am satisfied using their hosting services. The live help webchat was a godsend and the site itself has been very cheap and easy to use. Hostingsource is a good option to get stable hosting. Their control panels are easy to use and intuitive, as is their account and billing interface.


  ( September 07, 2023 )
Excellent service.
Tech support staff was very helpful in solving my problem. Hostingsource team tried to figure out what was wrong by getting me to do somethings and eventually logged into my computer via Remote Desktop to work on the problem himself. Excellent service. The others can learn from his enthusiasm to resolve issues for clients. Cheers!


  ( August 23, 2023 )
I am 100% happy.
Great job, Hostingsource team. They have always been there with a quick resolution to my questions and problems that I did not know how to fix or address. They even re-installed my content management system for me after they found out the problem I had stemmed from me installing the wrong version.


  ( August 14, 2023 )
The recall value is high.
The services are professionally managed using the latest technology. Hostingsource are much appreciated. The recall value is high and my brand name has credibility that it never had before. They offer an entire range of domain extensions too which I can use according to the needs of my business and my budget.


  ( August 04, 2023 )
The service is excellent.
I have been through a number of different hosting providers, but not one of them in the past like Hostingsource web host. They were very responsive, professional, and handled all items with excellent knowledge.


  ( July 05, 2023 )
Good one.
Great support with fast responses in both live support or through email (tickets). I have been with Hostingsource SSD Hosting Provider for about a year and I can say that their support is outstanding, with quick answers with intelligent responses. I worked for a web design service 1 year back who used them exclusively, and now I have since moved on and begun using them for my personal and client's sites as well. Good one.


  ( July 03, 2023 )
No problems with hostingsource!
Thanks, Hostingsource team, for hosting my site, seems they changed something like one month ago and my forum runs a lot faster! I have used their shared hosting for 2 months now, had to contact their support a few times but everything was solved. They might have had issues a year ago when they were moving servers but since then I don't see any problems. With 99% uptime and great support, it has everything to get your website or business up and running.


  ( June 09, 2023 )
They're easy to reach
At no additional cost, I'm running another blog that looks like it’s going to be very successful as well. The other thing I've appreciated about Hostingsource is their customer service. I've worked with several people using live chat and I've been amazed at how I can reach them any time or day. I highly recommend them. They're easy to reach, always write back.


  ( June 02, 2023 )
Hostingsource is a very reliable web hosting provider
Well, I cannot remember the last downtime our site has had that wasn't because of something I did. I'd like to say that Hostingsource is a very reliable web hosting provider which cares about customers. The prices are fantastic, my hosting was set up immediately and accounts transferred almost as soon as I gave word.


  ( May 16, 2023 )
Updates are provided on a timely basis and they provide regular correspondence to us. When I contact support the reaction time is awesome and the way these people are willing to work with/for you is amazing. Hostingsource claims that the support is the fastest in the world might well be true. Hostingsource web hosting is the best.


  ( May 15, 2023 )
I'm pretty satisfied with them!
I cant say about prices since I have not looked at any other hosts, but worth every penny. Really, if you are going to host any website (but not adult related), use hostingsource service, they deserve your business. Overall I'm pretty satisfied with them!


  ( April 14, 2023 )
Never had major issues!
My website is always working and the 24/7 online support has come in handy many times. Thanks! Now more than ever, I recommend Hostingsource web hosting solutions to all people looking for professional web host to host wordpress, Joomla, Mambo, e-commerce, phpBB forum, etc. I like them.


  ( April 10, 2023 )
Very good host.
Highly recommend these guys - they know what they do! The outages, non-existent customer support and high prices we've experienced with other providers drove me crazy! None of it happens here at Hostingsource Wordpress hosting. I think I'm sold for life.


  ( March 15, 2023 )
The work done well.
I like Hostingsource hosting. The uptime is great no outgoing whatsoever. The databases and CMS work great. The tech support is qualified and always willing to help. I personally can recommend this hosting provider.

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