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  ( March 27, 2017 )
Reasonably priced and well supported. We're very happy
All I can say about fozzy reliability is that uptime is good. They are very professional in approach and follow up. It also provides tools to help identify the cause and to arrive at a solution.


  ( March 22, 2017 )
Speed is good, and the price isn't bad at all
Basically I am new to web hosting industry, but I have tried several hosting sites and in my opinion, this is one (fozzy) is very good. It was very easy to set up my website although the panel is unfamiliar to me. I have had no serious down time yet. The only problem and their weakness according to me is MySQL database. But this would probably be solved in the near future. Let me tell you why I think so: It was a week or two ago when I could not connect to the MySQL database and I thought "Oh not again!" Anyway I decided to contact the support and they told me that they are performing an upgrade of their MySQL servers in order not to have any more problems with it. Well for now everything with the databases is working better than ever. I am almost sure that they have fixed the problem. They did everything - my site is online and I am happy. Thanks for a great work.


  ( March 16, 2017 )
Fozzy are fairly well feature packed, and easy to use.
I needed a lot of additional help getting things sorted out as my previous host organized things quite differently, but I can honestly say that I'm confident in the efficient, flexible, and powerful services available to my sites through them. Fozzy fit my needs perfectly. I highly recommend them. If all things were equal like the tools and the price, there is NO OTHER HOST that can match the customer service.


  ( March 09, 2017 )
if you want reliability and need space and transfer, No one beats
I have been with for almost 4 months now and they have always been my favorite and I don’t think they have ever let me down. I totally recommend fozzy to anyone who would like to set up a website. As a beginner, I look forward to using their more advanced features, which I plan to learn about through their tutorial video library. For any questions, even the low priorities, they reply to me really fast and very helpful. They even help me solve my website's problems which is far beyond my expectation.


  ( November 18, 2016 )
Great support and pricing
I have not NOTICED any downtime with my website at Fozzy hosting account. FFmpeg & video hosting: Well at such cheap prices I get to host a video site through there pre-installed tools like ffmpeg and mencoder. (also they have all the technical expertize required to solve any issues concerning them) Great plans: I am using there advanced plan, and its true value for money as it allows multiple sites so that I can use the allocated space and bandwidth.


  ( November 02, 2016 )
The support at Fozzy is second to none and far
They answer the questions you ask and not the questions they think you really wanted to ask and don't fill their answers with nonsensical technical jargon. They always ask if there is anything more they can do for you and don't just assume that everything else is fine or make you fill in another support ticket for the sake of it.


  ( October 26, 2016 )
I can honestly say, is professional ssd host
In spite of my high-traffic website(going in several thousand Gigs a month), I've never heard from any of my fans of any downtime. cPanel is just great - I get to know the analytics and traffic info at the click of a button. Although not fully informed, choosing for webhosting was a top notch decision on my part! Sheer good luck. Period.


  ( October 21, 2016 )
Their uptime is equally excellent as is their value for money support answered all my questions completely and without hesitation. I paid via paypal, they helped me with everything I needed. Reliability has been 100%.


  ( October 14, 2016 )
I am so glad and will continue using their service
I have had a good run dealing with team. Their hosting services are superb. I must say that they offer SPECIAL features: - Dedicated Network - Full Management - 24/7/365 Monitoring Moreover, I was impressed by their Online Backup Services. All in all, I am happy using their hosting services. Recommend them to other webmasters looking for reliable place to host their web sites.


  ( October 07, 2016 )
I do get what I pay for. So my rate is 5 out of 5.
I should say that their support is great, they are very professional and seem to enjoy helping their customers. Every conversation was pleasant as they always explain me everything. The high-availability Linux VPS with automatic fail-over came is great when my node went down (2 minutes of downtime). As far as I have seen my site has 99.999+% uptime, I can say that I found really good home for my project.


  ( September 26, 2016 )
I like the add-on open-source scripts
Their network support has been very good at helping me setup a domain and then transfer another domain to my account. I really enjoy my experience dealing Fozzy team. Recommended.


  ( September 23, 2016 )
As for their server speeds, they are standard
One of the best hosting service. The customer service on technical is beyond excellence. I had many technical issues and their tech support team were eager to help me immediately. Very reliable and dependable. Fozzy ssd host is the best. They have one of the best customer service in the hosting industry.


  ( September 20, 2016 )
Think that I'll be a long term customer. Good web host!
Been with fozzy for over 2,5 months now. As a company that organizes trade shows and expos, we are constantly working with on our websites on their server. All their tools are very easy to working - from the control panel software (they use cPanel) and the quick install software called Softaculous which allows to quickly install and run multiple WP sites. They also provide phpMyAdmin which enables us to easily and quickly managed our MySQL databases.


  ( September 07, 2016 ) is the best in prices, features
I'm really enjoying known my web site is in good hands and is up when I want it to be. Best host ever!


  ( August 29, 2016 )
I will definitely continue using their ssd hosting services
I have been satisfied with Fozzy for the past year and a half. Their support has been remarkable and I am satisfied. What I like the most about them is that they use CLOUDLINUX OS, so that I am sure I get all the promised resources. There customer support is helpful and when I call them, they reply rapidly and always ready to help and explain me everything I need to know.


  ( August 19, 2016 )
Fozzy customer support is very user friendly
The support team have been super fast responding to my tickets. Actually I am amazed every time because it is so fast and also because the response exactly the answer I need to resolve my issue. If you're looking for a dependable host for uptime and support look no further than Fozzy, a 5 star web host! Overall I am very happy with using


  ( August 15, 2016 )
Customer service is quick and perfect!
Used a lot of different web builders over the years but I think I have finally found a good home at They have a good blend of simplicity, price, and customization. My only negative is that I went out and bought a domain name before realizing the give you one for free with your website. Customer support on the web is always fast I hate waiting on hold so it's nice to send a ticket and get an email when my answer is ready, usually the same day.


  ( August 09, 2016 )
Best host I've had and I have no plans of switching.
I really love their ready-to-help customer care center. And the services they provide for my website are really great as well. Tech knowledge was so good. And to top it off, their prices are so reasonable for what you are getting. I will definitely recommend Fozzy to all my clients.


  ( July 28, 2016 )
Fozzy ssd wordpress hosting deals are perfect
If you ask me, I have been extremely and painlessly dealt with web host. The support people are fantastic and usually answer in under 10 mins any time of day. They've always been prepared to investigate further when they don't have an immediate answer. Usually they just go and fix or change the issue on the spot when they don't always have to under the support agreement. My sites are always online and accessible to my visitors - I am happy!


  ( July 25, 2016 )
Fantastic, sure the best all over, especially overseas.
I would definitely recommend ssd web host to anyone looking for a stable and reliable host for their VPS. I swear, my domain has only been down once and with the fantastic uptime I get I wasn't even angry about it. Plus customer service is usually fast and is always nice to me. A+.

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