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  ( October 13, 2023 )
Well worth every penny.
I've tried many web hosts, but can say that finally I found the best place. It is web host. I contacted their support, they were responsive and found the best solution for my needs. Well worth every penny the support you receive is excellent no matter what time of day you get in touch there is always a prompt response to any query.


  ( October 06, 2023 )
Web hosting for webmasters and newbies.
I look forward to growing my clients photo gallery's online. I'm happy user of NETSHOP and recommend this web hosting for everyone.


  ( September 28, 2023 )
They are amazing
So far I have no problems with NETSHOP hosting service and my account at all. I do pay every bill in time and get what I need, get the help from their stuff when I need. Thanks. Good host to stay with!


  ( September 11, 2023 )
The prices are excellent.
Absolutely amazing! I worked in IT from programmer to management for 7 years and never saw a technical support issue resolved that rapidly. I do recommend NETSHOP to anyone! My web server application was down due to a PHP version mismatch. The technical suppport team fixed the issue for me in less than five minutes.


  ( August 30, 2023 )
NETSHOP tech team is simply the best
I dare say NETSHOP is the best web hosting provider for wordpress. I found their ad in Google and after short conversation with live chat person I decided to give them a try. Good and fast service, friendly support stuff, high uptime. I’m certain I do not need more! Recommended for WP based sites!


  ( August 24, 2023 )
We hope NetShop ISP will continue to grow.
I have been with NetShop ISP web host for more than 4 months now and we are extremely pleased with their services. We are happy with the continuous support from the developers and the website loads with good speed. Although we experienced some technical issues with the e-mail system, NetShop ISP dealt with the situation effectively and gave extra support in limited time. We hope NetShop ISP will continue to grow as an excellent web service provider.


  ( August 17, 2023 )
HIGHLY recommended!
I needed a good cheap hosting, however have not required too much space and bandwidth. After research of available hosting providers I have chosen because they offer cheap shared hosting plans based on SSD Storage... I have never experienced any downtime so far, quick ticket support and everything runs smoothly! This decent host is an asset for your business - HIGHLY recommended!


  ( August 14, 2023 )
Never had a problem with this host.
I now have 3 sites hosted at Netshop Isp and I have to say I have never had better service, the servers are not overloaded and the customer service is perfect, never had a problem with anything, especially how quickly the domains are set up.. I defy anyone to find anywhere that does it quicker.


  ( August 04, 2023 )
Thank them for running my business online!
NETSHOP has been my Web services provider for over a decade, and I could not be more satisfied. They have smart tech support, helpful sales people, a text editor that's a dream, great templates, and the best prices I have ever encountered. I know it sounds like I am the Boss's Mom(with all this bragging), but I'm not.


  ( July 06, 2023 )
Affordable SSD hosting solutions.
I'm a WordPress developer and I recommend their Litespeed SSD hosting solutions to my clients. I know that if I'm working on a website that is on NetShop ISP provider, any questions or issues I have are resolved quickly by amazing support people who are cheerful, friendly, and knowledgeable.


  ( July 05, 2023 )
Well done, NETSHOP team. Thanks. They are really the most friendly hosting provider I have ever worked with. I have clients who have had their website hosted with a different web hosts and when their site was down, not working correctly, or had a hosting question. Solid hosting services so far, keep it up!


  ( July 03, 2023 )
Good options, features, and tools.
Would like to mention that NETSHOP has partnered with Cloudflare to provide me easy access to Cloudflare's CDN. The thing is that it reduces the distance between my visitors and the server. Customer support always answers my questions with helpful explanation and good recommendations on what to do next if the problem exists.


  ( June 23, 2023 )
Reasonably easy to configure, etc.
Never thought I'd be writing this, but compared to other web-hosting providers, NetShop ISP is the best. The hosting works great. It has been a reliable, reasonably fast PHP and MySQL service. Reasonably easy to configure, etc. There are very serious hosting solutions out there that cost many times the price and are only a little better for web hosting.


  ( June 13, 2023 )
good provider
NetShop ISP team is professional. Speed connectivity is quite good, pages load fast. If there is any other problem, they will connect to the client machine through LogMeIn account and they will fix it. So I am still very happy with them.


  ( June 08, 2023 )
helpful sales people, thanks.
NETSHOP has been my UK VPS hosting provider for over a decade, and I could not be more satisfied. They have smart tech support, helpful sales people, a text editor that's a dream, great templates, and the best prices I have ever encountered. I know it sounds like I am the Boss's Mom(with all this bragging), but I'm not. Thank them for running my business online!


  ( June 05, 2023 )
Think it's time for me to fully rate everything having to do with Netshop Isp, but I can already see great things! Some of the things people forget are that in shared hosting websites tend to get a little slow, but still, I have really nice speed at their shared hosting accounts. Recommended.


  ( May 23, 2023 )
These guys are awesome.
I had a few problems to set up my new account, but thanks to the awesome support of Netshop finally I managed it. The technical support is well-skilled. They solved the issue in a few hours. These guys are awesome.


  ( May 16, 2023 )
They are reasonably priced
Great! They are reasonably priced, reliable, and have a multitude of options available. Netshop Isp don't make you sign a contract, (we have a shared hosting package) and you can really customize your sites because they don't impose what applications you can install on your sites as other web hosts do. Recommended.


  ( May 12, 2023 )
Happy using their US VPS hosting.
Over the years I have hosted web sites in more than a few web hosting providers. Of all the web hosting providers I have used, NetShop ISP certainly is the best. Happy using their US VPS hosting. The control panel is intuitive and powerful. For the price, it is amazing.


  ( April 26, 2023 )
Prompt, courteous, and effective answers
Our search came up GOLD! exceeded my expectations in all areas. The first day the Support Team reassured I had made the right decision with their prompt, courteous, and effective answers to all my setup questions.

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