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  ( April 24, 2023 )
Exceptionally fast support.
Fantastic host. NetShop isp has gone above and beyond the usual business to help get my site up and going. Reliable servers, exceptionally fast support, exceptional professionals. It's solid as far as being up and running at all times.


  ( April 14, 2023 )
Reliable Wordpress hosting.
I am a small-time webmaster - I mantain my family website, a website for hosting my videos with my camping hobby. hosts my sites and I changed to them from another host because of problems with the previous host. Now I have all I need and even more! They answer super fast and they really help when I need. Recommend their hosting to other webmasters.


  ( March 24, 2023 )
Customer oriented web host!
Only once there was a problem of reaching my site, which lasted for a few hours. Later that day came an email from Netshop (even though I was not sending any inquiries) explaining that there was a DDOS attack on the cluster of servers where my website is located, with excuses for what have happened and granting me one free month of hosting for inconvenience. This I call really customer oriented web host!


  ( March 20, 2023 )
Overall it's a great deal.
My website is running fast with NetShop ISP. I do not use any monitoring tools, but I am sure that it is high. Never seen my site down. They've even done a few things for free even though they technically are supposed to charge. Overall it's a great deal. Thanks.


  ( March 13, 2023 )
Nice 1-click scripts to install
Great web hosting provider to work with. NetShop ISP ssd hosting to other webmasters. They offer so many useful 1-click scripts to install like wordpress, drupal, Joomla, phpbb, e-commerce, and other Cms apps.


  ( February 24, 2023 )
The pricing is VERY fair, the support is excellent
Well done, netshop isp servers, support and uptime are superb. They have bailed me out of jams more than once! Thanks so much!


  ( February 22, 2023 )
Nice host with mutiple locations.
I switched to NetShop UK VPS hosting plan after having enough of the downtime with my previous host. From my time with them I have nothing but high praise indeed.


  ( February 14, 2023 )
During the time I've been hosting my sites with netshop isp web host (3 months), it has been 100% reliable and we are continually impressed by their great customer support and immediate response to questions or problems. Recently Michael redesigned our entire site. Thanks. What a difference it has made!


  ( February 08, 2023 )
A very good web hosting provider!
In return for the incredible value for money that we've received, along with the red carpet customer service treatment that has rolled out for us, it gives me great pleasure to give this web host and its staff our highest recommendation. A very good web hosting provider with fast servers in Malta.


  ( January 27, 2023 )
I'm using a ton of the space and happy with the speed!
Uptime is high enough. These guys make me happy so far! I can also say that has provided me with some of the most excellent service I have ever received. I'm using a ton of the space provided to me and the only issue I've seen is with slow load times every now and again.


  ( January 23, 2023 )
High speed connection!
We had known of for sometime before we started using their services, so we knew that they were not just a some new kid on the block with a couple of servers in the garage shed and a high speed connection. We investigated the services they offered and found that they provided a very comprehensive range. We spoke to others that had used their services and received some very positive feedback. From our very first contact with this web host we knew that we would be working with a provider with the skill, expertise and resources that we demand for our clients.


  ( January 18, 2023 )
Very reliable host!
Steady so! NetShop isp goes beyond merely managing my VPS, by diagnosing possible code problems.


  ( December 20, 2022 )
Thanks a lot for the great service!
I've always had good experience with NetShop ISP SSD Hosting and that is one of the reasons I am shifting my hosting from my previous host to NetShop ISP. I appreciate each and every one of their tech personnel and have NEVER had a problem in the tech department in all the years I have been with their service, and this means a lot to me!


  ( December 14, 2022 )
NetShop ISP has been awesome!
I don't hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs their site hosted reliably! NetShop ISP has been awesome for us - the support is just top rate as they answered all of my questions very quickly and professionally. I believe that this web host will meet your needs, dudes.


  ( December 08, 2022 )
Amsterdam VPS is working great!
This is the second month i am using Amsterdam VPS with NetShop ISP. I started with 1 Gbps network speed and i have just upgraded to 10 Gbps which works perfect! Price is very good so i am not planning to change them ever!


  ( November 22, 2022 )
I'm happy with NetShop ISP hosting
I can't say enough good things about US VPS hosting. Great support that is available by msn 24/7. They offer so many useful features for successful building of web sites. Network uptime is great, my sites are always up - I'm happy with this.


  ( November 15, 2022 )
The most reliable host!
So far, I'd definitely recommend netshop isp web host to everybody. Fantastic service. Support is lightening fast and I've never had any down time. They are so much better than other hosting providers I have tried. The FTP connection is the fastest and most reliable I have seen ever.


  ( November 10, 2022 )
Reasonably priced
We're very happy. Started using NetShop ISP US VPS hosting when I needed additional storage space for my stock photography site. Servers are pretty good, and they have a support forum too. Reasonably priced and well supported.


  ( October 14, 2022 )
Fast Cyprus VPS hosting!
I'm extremely happy with Cyprus VPS hosting services and doubt I will go anywhere else for my hosting needs. They transferred all my files for free along with competent support help. The other things I like about their service are: Free Website Builder, Free domain and SEO Tools.


  ( October 03, 2022 )
I've always found the Customer Service top notch!
I've gone with NetShop ISP VPS hosting for six months. I found the User Panel and one step installation plugins (Wordpress) and streaming video is very useful for my purposes. I've always found the Customer Service top notch via e-mail and the help wiki is very intuitive.

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